Month: July 2014

Eluveitie – Origins

Switzerland’s folk-metallers Eluveitie have returned with another album under the Nuclear Blast record label. Origins continue with the folk metal with a strong Swedish melodic death metal foundation that Eluveitie has refined over the course of their careers. There is a running joke that bands on the Nuclear Blast label decline to mediocrity upon their signing. Although, I would disagree that Eluveitie’s music is mediocre, but they have strayed little from their formula over the course of the past few albums. (more…)

Kerker – Naechtliches Imperium Rehearsal MC (Demo)


Kerker is an obscure raw black metal band from Germany who play some pretty badass music. Consisting of M. (Bass), Dominion (Drums), Neideck (Drums, Vocals), and Arges, (Guitars), the band has released two demo tapes, Naechtliches Imperium Rehearsal MC being the second one. This tape has four songs of some pretty cool, raw gruesomeness, and is an excellent addition to any die hard black metal fan’s collection. (more…)


Godsmack – 1000hp

When I first saw the album cover for this album I was thoroughly unimpressed. Sure, the car was nice, but it just seemed like a mediocre cover for an album. But is the music as mediocre as the cover art? (more…)


Yossi Sassi – Desert Butterflies

Desert Butterflies is the second solo album from former Orphaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi. He expands on the oriental rock/metal sound of Orphaned Land and ventures into all new directions. Desert Butterflies is a fine collection of mostly instrumental progressive rock songs in the style of a Joe Satriani, perhaps, with strong Middle Eastern undertones. (more…)


Khael – Efimero

Spanish metal band Khael has returned with their second full-length album entitled Efimero. Khael began as a four-piece, but due to the difficulties in making a living with music, the line-up has been reduced to a duo consisting of Aroa Martin on vocals and guitar, while Dani Perez is on drums. I first discovered Khael following Dani Perez’s departure from fellow Spanish hard rock/metal band Skizoo. (more…)


Marston Smith – TechnOrganica


Playing a 6 string electric cello and dressed up in some battle armor from the Halo video game series was my first experience with hearing Marston Smith, AKA Lord of the Cello, at the Citadel Outlets in Anaheim. At first, I was not really sure what I was seeing, with this man dressed up, playing a cello as well as drumming on it, but I was captivated by the sound. (more…)


Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed holds a nostalgic place in my heart since their Believe album formed my musical foundation back in my high school days. Their third album, Ten Thousand Fists, also holds a special place. (more…)


Anathema – Judgement

For many Anathema fans, Judgement was their finest hour; it is indeed one of their classic albums. Judgement continues to refine the depressive rock sound perfected on Anathema’s prior album Alternative 4. Judgement continues in much the same style, but this album has more of a nostalgic homey feeling, particularly with the production and sound. (more…)


Bassnectar – Timestretch

Dubstep—that scourge that has been plaguing our youth and destroying their souls. That word brings to mind drug-induced masses of youth wearing glow sticks, animal masks, lasers, glowing gloves, stoners behind laptops, all to the naïve chants of YOLO, with eager anticipation for the bass to drop and for their heads to explode. A genre defined by such gimmickry certainly deserves to be worthy of scorn from those who view music as artistic expression. However, before one begins to dismiss the genre so readily, it is best to at least attempt to understand it minimally. (more…)


Katatonia – Dead End Kings

After the masterpiece that was Night is the New Day, I knew it would be difficult for Katatonia to top that album. With Dead End Kings, they attempt to do just that. After hearing the first single Dead Letters, I lowered my expectations considerably. (more…)