Month: August 2014

Esben and the Witch – A New Nature

It does not seem to have been that long since Esben and the Witch released Wash the Sins Not Only the Face in 2013, yet they have already returned with a new album called A New Nature. Hailing from Brighton, England, Esben and the Witch plays a form of alternative rock with significant elements of post-punk and shoegaze in conjunction with their ethereal sound. (more…)

This Will Destroy You – Another Language

This Will Destroy You is yet another post-rock band, this time hailing from the United States, in particular the state of Texas. This Will Destroy You have returned with their much anticipated third full-length studio album called Another Language. This new album is very much a mix of the standard post-rock of their debut self-titled album, in the vein of such bands as Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai, and that of the ambient, noise post-rock of their sophomore Tunnel Blanket. (more…)


Maybeshewill – Fair Youth

Maybeshewill is among the plethora of post-rock bands that make up that over-saturated genre, albeit one of the better bands worth paying attention to. These post-rockers, or whatever genre they would prefer to be associated with, have returned with their fourth full-length album entitled Fair Youth. (more…)


Utopianisti – Utopianisti II

While browsing on, I saw a hand drawn album cover with animals playing instruments. Put an animal on the cover and there is a good chance I will check it out. Thus was my first foray into the music of Finland’s Utopianisti, a jazz rock ensemble led by Markus Pajakkala. Pajakkala plays a variety of instruments and fleshes out the rest of his work with a large cast of guest musicians. (more…)


PoiL – Brossaklitt

At no moment while listening to PoiL’s Brossaklitt album did I have any idea what the hell was going on. From the opening track to the end, Brossaklitt’s random chaos and quirkiness was relentless. PoiL is an avant-garde band from France that I recently discovered while exploring on (more…)


Iman Omari – ESC Vol. 2

Sometimes when I go through stretches of not knowing what I should listen to, I attempt to explore genres I have only lightly, or not at all, ventured into. While exploring the experimental hip-hop tag on, I noticed an album cover with boobs on it—a definite eye-catcher for me. (more…)


Sleipnir – Oaths Sworn In Blood & Mead

Welcome mighty warrior, to some of the most epic, badass viking metal you will ever hear in your life. Sleipnir returns with their 2nd full length album, Oaths Sworn In Blood & Mead, and is an album you do not want to miss. Sleipnir consists of two men from the United Kingdom, Tossell (Vocals) and Darklord (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, FX, Backing Vocals) who had a goal in mind when creating this project: to create the most epic music humanly possible. My opinion? There could not be anything more grand in scale than this album. (more…)


Novembre – Materia

It has been quite a while since Italy’s Novembre released their last album entitled The Blue in 2007. The year prior they released my favorite album of theirs, Materia, which was a shift in sound with considerably less death metal vocalization. Materia is a dreamy progressive metal album with strong feelings of nostalgia permeating through it. (more…)


Theodor Bastard – Oikoumene

Recently I discovered this interesting Russian band that blends eastern ethnic music with a variety of other genres, such as trip-hop, into an enchanting and mystical whole. This band is called Theodore Bastard and the album I chose to initially traverse their sonic world was Oikoumene, which was released in 2012. Oikoumene is an exquisite hour-long piece of work that takes the listener on a spiritual journey crawling with eastern sounds with occasional interludes of subtle electronics and contemporary instrumentation. (more…)