Month: September 2014

Almagest – Almagest (EP)


Making my usual rounds on the web, I stumbled upon Almagest. From Minnesota, Almagest brings atmospheric black/doom metal of the cold and cosmic variety. When thinking of things to describe this release, deep space and black holes come to mind. (more…)

Alternative 4 – The Obscurants

Named after the classic Anathema album he played a prominent role in writing, Duncan Patterson returns with the sophomore album of the project of the same name, Alternative 4. Duncan Patterson was the key songwriter during Anathema’s classic period before departing after the release of their Alternative 4 album. With his new Alternative 4 projects, Patterson strives to return to some of the pathos that embodied that classic Anathema work. (more…)


Warning – Watching From A Distance

Magnificent doom metal band Warning is one of the greatest acts of the genre, bringing with them long and strong emotional tracks filled with sadness and despair. If you had read my review on the band 40 Watt Sun, you would have a pretty good idea of what you are getting into. (more…)


Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems

Even at eighty years of age, Canada’s Leonard Cohen is still at the top of his game, albeit with a smoky raspy voice that has taken the toll of age. Cohen was forced out of retirement and back into making music and touring after his financial manager screwed him up. This new era is a far cry from Cohen’s glory days from the late 1960s and early 70s, yet his recent musical explorations have steadily improved leading to his newest release, Popular Problems. (more…)


Portopia ’81 – Stardust Memory

Growing up on video games, its not hard to realize what drew me to this release. While browsing Bandcamp the other day, I stumbled upon an album with a cover that was very retro looking with some cool video game-styled graphics. I proceeded to check out what I had found, and was pleasantly surprised. (more…)


Primordial – To the Nameless Dead

What of those that have died in battles past? What of the various European tribes that stood against the Romans? What of those that died in the kingdoms of Charlemagne? What of those who died for the various Germanic kingdoms prior to the unification of Germany? Are all of their deaths now in vain as Europe seems headed towards some type of economic and political unification? (more…)


Coldworld – Melancholie²

Coldworld was among my first introductions into the realm of depressive atmospheric black metal and, although, many bands share a similar style, Coldworld has managed to maintain my attention. Coldworld is the brainchild of Georg Börner of Germany, who composes all of the instrumentation and vocals. Melancholie² is currently the only full-length release, but a mighty fine release at that–perfectly apt for nights stuck in a blizzard or those tortuous nights of solitude. (more…)


Crown of Asteria – Cycles (EP)

Lately I realize I have been listening to a lot of one man black metal projects, and was wondering about any type of one woman projects such as this. In the search, I stumbled across Crown of Asteria. Crown of Asteria is a one woman atmospheric black metal/neofolk project by Meghan W. of Michigan. Upon further inspection, I was actually pretty damn impressed. (more…)


Ef – I Am Responsible

Gothenburg, Sweden isn’t just known for its melodic death metal. A variety of music has come from the area, including post rock band Ef. I can’t recall how or when I stumbled upon this band. It was probably during my post rock phase of discovering bands such as Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai. Ef is a wonderful band who play post rock that is really vibrant and colorful. (more…)


College – A Real Hero (EP)

I ran across College while watching the movie Drive, which is one of the most badass movies ever made. College is a moniker in which electronic musician David Grellier of France goes under. College was Grellier’s attempt to “sythesize into [his] music the emotions of [his] childhood”. Damn, David, you must have had one hell of a childhood. (more…)