Month: October 2014

Gloria Morti – Eryx

Years ago metal distributor The Omega Order would run daily specials with albums priced at $3.33, shipping included. One of those albums was Gloria Morti’s Eryx. I had heard of them through Before the Dawn as lead guitarist Juho Räihä was in both bands, so I made the purchase. Years later, I have been jamming this album pretty consistently and it is an intense, ferocious ride through the black gates of hell. (more…)

Karg – Malstrom

Another day, another ambient black metal album. I have been sitting on this Karg album for a few weeks, and finally got around to listening to it just recently. Karg is a one man project fronted by Austrian musician V. Wahntraum, also known as being the vocalist for Harakiri Of The Sky. Malstrom is my first foray into the world of Karg, and it has been a great experience thus far. (more…)


Vulture Industries – The Dystopia Journals

The Dystopia Journals was the first album I sunk my teeth into by Avant-Garde metallers Vulture Industries. Being quite the interesting listen, this album is a classic in my book and should not be missed by any means. Vulture Industries plays an interesting sideshow-esque style of metal. The music is something you would hear at a satanic carnival. The Dystopia Journals is their first full length released in 2007 and a damn strong one at that. (more…)


Lunatic Soul – Walking on a Flashlight Beam

Riverside’s Mariusz Duda has once again released another ethereal album with his solo project of Lunatic Soul. Walking on a Flashlight Beam is supposed to be the prequels to Lunatic Soul I and Lunatic Soul II. Duda continues to explore the twilight realm between life and death with this release. (more…)


Manes – Be All End All

It seems that the members of Manes have forgotten to take their medication and have released their first album of new material since 2007’s How the World Came to an End. In fact, Be All End All was in production in 2008, but the band instead went into hiatus. Finally, in 2013, the band got back together and decided to finish up this album. Be All End All continues to see Manes explore their psychotic brand of experimental music that features trip-hop, electronics, glimmers of metal, along with various other genres. (more…)


Mono – The Last Dawn

In this year of 2014, Japan’s post-rock masters Mono have taken the bold step of releasing two albums simultaneously. These consist of The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness—albums that the band has claimed would be stripped down of the orchestral nature of the previous several albums, which was a direction they believe reached its peak on 2011’s For My Parents. The Last Dawn is the first of these two new albums and is considered the lighter. (more…)


Conrad Wedde – Space World

Conrad Wedde is an artist from New Zealand. Perusing Bandcamp, I was drawn to this release. With the style of the cover art being a minimalistic and cool piece, I had to check it out. Wedde, known for his work with indie progressive rock band The Phoenix Foundation, uses this solo album to craft a whole different style of music. (more…)


Mutilation Rites – Harbinger

Let me get this out of the way immediately; the reason I initially checked out this release was the cover. The cover reminds me so much of the Fleepa enemy from the old Nintendo game The Guardian Legend. If you have never played it, you are missing out on one of the greatest video games in existence… ahem. Back on track here, Mutilation Rites is a black metal group from New York who play immensely intense black metal. (more…)


Sanctuary – The Year The Sun Died

After 24 years with no releases, Sanctuary has made their triumphant return to the metal world, but was the wait worth it? Disbanding in 1992, members of the band went on to form Nevermore, and they were great! I saw them live in 2007 or 2006, and I was blown away. Now that Nevermore is on hiatus, it only makes sense for Sanctuary to step back into the light. (more…)