Month: June 2015

King Dude – Songs of Flesh & Blood – In the Key of Light

One should not judge an album by its cover—even one as cheap as King Dude’s Songs of Flesh & Blood – In the Key of Light, the successor to the lackluster Fear. King Dude’s sound has changed significantly over the years and this new release is far from its raw, occultist, black metal/neo-folk-influenced beginnings, while the American rockabilly and (more…)

Iasos – Bora Bora 2000

Browsing my social media accounts, I happened upon an album cover that caught my attention. Vibrant colors of the ocean with animals, statues and UFO’s were shown, and I knew I had to check it out. (more…)


Ghost Bath – Moonlover

I had believed that my interest in metal had waned so much in recent years that I found it unlikely that I would find another metal band that would garner any interest from me. Yet, here I am positively intrigued by the music on Ghost Bath’s Moonlover. Apparently after trolling the metal press over their supposed Chinese origins for several years, Ghost Bath revealed their true home as North Dakota. Moonlover is the group’s second full-length release and (more…)


Active Child – You Are All I See

To my ears, electronic music is generally overly synthetic and shallow, while contemporary R&B is unimaginative, redundant, and superficial and are generally both genres I steer clear away from, yet several years ago while listening to my recommendations radio, I came across electronic artist Pat Grossi and his project Active Child. The song that I heard blended the aforementioned genres, (more…)


Celesty – Legacy of Hate

“We are the army of light, against the darkness we’ll fight!” Years ago I ran across the album Legacy of Hate by Finnish epic power metal band Celesty. I was immediately captivated by the Microsoft Windows 98 cover artwork, and knew it was worthy of my time. Revisiting this album after so many years, it is clear to me now how truly awesome it is. (more…)


Mathias Grassow & John Haughm – Mosaic

Cosmic serenity permeates throughout this collaboration between German ambient artist Mathias Grassow and atmospheric black metal’s Agalloch vocalist John Haughm. Mosaic, the title of this release, consists of three ambient pieces that are adequately represented by the artwork, with a spanning desert sea and a dark, introspective sky. (more…)


J. Tillman – Year in the Kingdom

Sometimes all good music needs is an acoustic guitar and a decent voice to be incredibly effective. That is very much the case with J. Tillman and his prior solo albums before his reincarnation as Father John Misty. Before and during Tillman’s brief time as Fleet Foxes’ drummer, Tillman crafted a number of solo acoustic albums that seeped with melancholy and earthy tones. (more…)


Penguinum – Balancing

Music is everywhere. Technology has advanced so much in these last twenty years that instead of having to dig deep for music, it can just fall into your lap. However, to find something good one must still search it out, and with the ease of publishing online these days, you have to wade through more and more shit than ever before to find the good stuff. Luckily, I stumbled over Penguinum today. (more…)


Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Metal bands that have managed to endure twenty-plus years are rare, yet generally marked by the propensity of change. They may start off as a traditional death or doom metal band to eventually move away from their foundational style, causing a divide in the fan-base and resulting in incessant cries from the “true” cult fans that refuse to acknowledge that band’s later style. Paradise Lost’s first three albums were defined by the raw death/doom metal sound of the early nineties, which was followed by a variant of gothic metal (more…)