Month: July 2015

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss

Now with her fourth full-length album—depending on how you count them—Chelsea Wolfe has cemented herself as the queen of dark atmospheric music in recent years. This argument is further strengthened by her newest release entitled Abyss—another broodingly atmospheric and compelling journey through a sonically nightmarish realm. Each of her albums have been unique, spanning a scope from Apokalypsis’ cinematic horror-movie-feel to the 80s-influenced Pain is Beauty and (more…)

25,000 Kittens – 25,000 Kittens

Released under label Ginjoha in 2014, 25,000 Kittens is another cassette by artist Hiroshi Mizuno who I am a big fan of from his Portopia ’81 albums. 25,000 Kittens is a one-off consisting of two ten minute tracks filled with celestial ambient beauty. (more…)