Month: October 2015

Aryan Blood / Satanic Warmaster – Aryan Blood / Satanic Warmaster [Split]

In my lifelong musical journey, I had started out as listening to country music as a kid like Brooks & Dunn. Around 2000, I picked up a Wyclef CD and was into him as well as grunge bands like Cold & Staind. Then, mid 2000’s I got thrown into melodic death metal and power metal with bands such as In Flames, Opeth, and Celesty. Finally, about a year or two ago, I took my music a step further and ventured into the dark realm of Black Metal. While I could care less about Aryan Blood featured on this split, Satanic Warmaster is the artist who opened my doorway to the pits of hell and rabid ferocity black metal could offer. It is with great pleasure I bring you this short review of the Split that started it all. (more…)

Ascension of the Watchers – Numinosum

While Fear Factory is not a band I like to listen to, Burton C. Bell and John Bechdel of (at the time) Fear Factory had a side project going called Ascension of the Watchers. I first listened to this CD years ago and was mesmerized by some of the tracks. After all of this time, does the album still hold up well? (more…)


Circle of Ouroborus – Kuninkaan Tieltä [Demo]

I finally have the honor of reviewing the obscure Demo Kuninkaan Tieltä, released by the experimental duo known as Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 50 copies only given to personal friends of Antti Klemi (Vocals, Lyrics) and Rauta (All Instruments), I had to pay over $80 for this tape on Discogs. It was definitely worth my money. While the tape only contains five songs, these five songs are some of the best tracks Circle of Ouroborus have put out. (more…)


James LaBrie – Static Impulse

I have never really been a fan of Dream Theater. I have listened to a few of their albums, but nothing really stood out to me. One of the main reasons for this is that I do not like James LaBrie. His style of singing is melodic and well done, yet isn’t something that I can really get into…. or so I thought. (more…)