Month: December 2016

Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason

People listen to and interpret music in a variety of ways. Some are lyrically or vocally based; others are influenced by atmosphere and mood, while others analyze its composition and structure, etc. One band that very much appeals to those that break down song structure and time signatures is Swedish metal titan Meshuggah. This band has long been at the forefront of technical death metal and the djent subgenre that they have inspired with their relentless auditory assault full of odd-time signatures and machine-like rhythms that has spanned two decades. This is continued and reinforced with their sixth full-length, The Violent Sleep of Reason. (more…)

Vril Jӓger – Vril Jӓger

Among the more outlandish conspiracy theories out there is the Hollow Earth theory and how the governments of the world are hiding the existence of an advanced civilization that dwells deep within the Earth. Such a thing seems far-fetched, but it is quite popular among UFO fanatics. Of the Wand & the Moon’s Kim Larsen and Die Weisse Rose’s Thomas Bøjden have formed a project, called Vril Jӓger, which explores this very topic. As expected, it is just as supernatural and disquieting as the subject matter implies. (more…)


Yele Solma – Bokor

A few years ago I had ordered an album by Basque folk black metal band Ilbeltz off the French Antiiq Records label. Included was a pamphlet that featured more of their releases. Among them was an act called Yele Solma, which purported to play a form of voodoo-inspired African dark ambient. That description alone warranted a listen from me; however, unfortunately I forgot to follow up on the project until remembering them recently and discovering that their only album, Bokor, was now on Bandcamp. It became immediately apparent that it was a mistake on my part to not have sought this release out sooner. (more…)