25,000 Kittens – 25,000 Kittens

Released under label Ginjoha in 2014, 25,000 Kittens is another cassette by artist Hiroshi Mizuno who I am a big fan of from his Portopia ’81 albums. 25,000 Kittens is a one-off consisting of two ten minute tracks filled with celestial ambient beauty. I am not familiar with the story behind this release, but it seems to me by the song titles that this tape acts as sort of an eulogy for pet cats that Mizuno once had. Boo 1995-2011 begins with a music box introduction that slowly transcends the boundaries of the living with otherworldy ambiance and layered fanciful tones, leaving the listener with a solemnly optimistic feeling – – as if traveling into the unknown for the first time. Eventually the sound of felines fill the track as background atmosphere to the passage. Hanakichi 2012-2013 is in the same vein as Boo, but sounds slightly less complex on the ears. There are moments of cascading synths that break away from the mesmerizing ambient passages which add very small amounts of variation. The passage then fades out just as the tape’s beginning, with another music box melody. I have so far enjoyed everything Mizuno has put out, and this release falls into the same boat. I recommend giving it a listen.

Genre: Ambient, New Age
Label: Ginjoha
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Release: May 1st, 2014
Purchase: Bandcamp

1. Boo 1995-2011
2. Hanakichi 2012-2013

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