Wysyl – Imago Spectre

Tranquility is the theme of Imago Spectre by the United Kingdom’s Wysyl (also known as Liam Ward). Imago Spectre is a wonderfully peaceful and worry free release crafted by Ward for the 2014 Sensoria Literature & Arts Festival in Sheffield. The seven songs on this release are intricate works of art and are regrettably shorter than I would have liked. The overall tone of this album is relaxation and splendor with each song cascading seamlessly into one another feeling as though it would be the soundtrack to a great day. The songs on the album range from being piano-driven to synthesizer-driven. Sing With The Spirits is great example of the former with a nice piano melody setting the pace. Slow Motion Plane Crash is another great track of the same fashion and is awe-inspiring, bringing to mind some melodies from post rock band Ef. Songs of the more synthesizer-driven variety include Fortune Teller and A Walk Outdoors In A Poison World which reminds me heavily of electronic ambient artists such as Pulse Emitter and Portopia ’81. In fact, I would say A Walk Outdoors In A Poison World is my favorite track. These tracks are otherworldly and alien-like in style which I really enjoy. Delicate is another top song, with me envisioning green fields under clear blue skies while listening. Imago Spectre is a great release, but much too short. Being only seven songs and each song being roughly two minutes and under, it makes me wish the individual tracks lasted longer or there were more tracks altogether. Still, if the downside is that there is too little music, it only stresses how good I feel the album is. I recommend checking out this release for some enjoyable easy listening.

Genre: Ambient, New Age, Electronic
Label: Self-Released
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Release: October 2nd, 2014
Purchase: Bandcamp


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