40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room

40 Watt Sun is what became of a band named Warning. 40 Watt Sun is an excellent doom metal band, consisting of William Spong on bass, Christian Leitch on drums, and frontman Patrick Walker on Guitars and vocal duties. The thing about this group is that Walker has an excellent voice that draws you into this dark world and keeps you enthralled.  The Inside Room is the bands first full length album, consisting of 5 songs of extremely dark, depressing doom metal. The music itself is traditional doom metal, with muddling, dreary riffing and song structure that tends to drag on and on. However, Walkers vocal style is full of emotion and is wonderfully clean, yet clearly shows sadness and pain in the sound of it. I find it very refreshing to have a vocal style like this in such depressing, doomsday sounding music. Most of the songs are long and tend to go on what feels like forever, but the vocals and lyrics are what keeps the album fresh and keeps the listener continuing on. Open My Eyes, Restless, and Between Times are the best tracks in my opinion. Most of the tracks are very similar and there is not much to say about each one, rather that they all contain the same characteristics and are good. This is a very solid album, and I highly recommend looking into this, as well as Walker’s previous band Warning.

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Cyclone Empire
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Release: March 4th, 2011


1. Restless
2. Open My Eyes
3. Between Times
4. Carry Me Home
5. This Alone

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