Absurd – Größer als der Tod (EP)

Scanning through music to check out, I was heavily inspired by the cover art of controversial German black metal duo Absurd’s latest work, Größer als der Tod. Absurd consists of Wolf (vocals, bass) and Unhold (vocals, guitar, drums) who play some groovy black metal on this release. Being an extremely short release of two tracks that are roughly 2.5 minutes each, there is not much to review here. However, this has been the first time I have heard of this group, and I am glad that the cover art of the wild boar being dominated by a pack of dogs had grabbed my attention. The songs here are solid, with excellent, high quality production. The intro title track is a marching, groovy song with prominent german growls and also some moments of slight folkish singing going on. The style of vocals reminds me of what Vesa Jokinen does with the Finnish group Kylähullut. The are delivered in style similar to punk music, but very crisp and cohesive. The second and final track, Im Frußtau Zu Berge, is more of a punk metal sounding track overall, with fast paced guitar and drumming, and is characterized by catchy melody and those punk style vocals. It is a lot different from the first track, with moments of howling shrieks that catches the listener off guard. Overall, for a first impression listen of these guys, I really enjoyed this short, but sweet release. I would recommend checking this out if you are into some groovy black metal that is fresh and crispy.

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Darker than Black Records
Location: Sondershausen, Thuringia, Germany
Release: June 8th, 2014


1. Größer als der Tod
2. Im Frußtau Zu Berge

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