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Adán Jodorowsky, or as his musical project is called, Adanowsky, is a very eccentric person, as you could expect from an artist with connections to France, Chile and Mexico. His new album, Ada, marks a dramatic change in, especially, his persona and sound. I discovered Adanowsky through his collaboration with another odd Spanish artist, Carlos Ann. Adanowsky’s previous album, Amador, was primarily in Spanish and had a very classy, melancholic, 70s cabaret sound that I had found quite enjoyable. With Ada, Adanowsky decided to completely alter his image into some strange transgender persona that is neither a man nor a woman, which I found somewhat disturbing. After the first single Dancing to the Radio was released, I had basically lost all hope for this album because that song was exceedingly poppy. However, I decided to try the album out anyways, and it was actually not as bad as I had anticipated. Ada still has the 70s cabaret style from the previous albums buried within the songs, but more poppy, disco, and 80s synth pop electronic elements are now incorporated. Dancing on the Radio is easily my least favorite song on the album, but the rest of the album has enough diversity and quirkiness to keep the music interesting. In addition, nearly all of the songs are in English. I do find the two songs in Spanish to be better vocally; the English vocals are still good though. Perhaps, Adanowsky is attempting to cater to a more English-speaking, indie-listening audience with this release. Despite my initial misgivings, this album is still an enjoyable album and I am surprised that I still listen to it occasionally. I still prefer his earlier works, but I have to respect Adanowsky’s willingness to experiment with new sounds. This album will probably be a big turn off for many, but perhaps of interest to others, with more diverse taste, looking for something different. His new image still disturbs me though.

Genre: Synth Pop
Country: France/Chile/Mexico
Label: Everloving
Release: April 1, 2014

1 – Welcome To My World
2 – Dancing To The Radio
3 – Sexual Feeling
4 – Crossing The Line
5 – I Don’t Love You
6 – Rock Me
7 – Let’s Bring It Back
8 – Would You Be Mine
9 – You’re My Lover
10 – Get Up And Fight
11 – Orgasmic & Divine
12 – No Te Quiero
13 – You’re My Lover (Spanish Version)

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