Almagest – Almagest (EP)


Making my usual rounds on the web, I stumbled upon Almagest. From Minnesota, Almagest brings atmospheric black/doom metal of the cold and cosmic variety. When thinking of things to describe this release, deep space and black holes come to mind. Almagest’s self-titled EP contains four tracks (basically two songs with an intro and outro) of a cosmic sea of murky doom. The intro and outro tracks are pretty self explanatory, containing radio transmissions, large amounts of static, heartbeats and sounds of a SAT monitor. The meat of this short tape is En Void and Syntaxis Ecliptica. En Void is the slower and doomier track overall. It contains some slow progression with an interesting ambient backdrop and vocals by drumer Travis Nordahl. Nordahl uses (the only way I can think to describe it) his extraterrestrial guttural screams to get his point across, and it works well making the songs seem measureless in scope. In my opinion his vocals can best be compared to Vorph of Samael’s newer releases. Syntaxis Ecliptica blasts off with a heavier black metal style with a catchy melody. The song begins more furious than its predecessor, and then steps back into some simplistic doom metal about halfway through. This doomy style plods along at a nice pace with Nordahl’s vocals kicking the listener in the face. The track is pretty cool and an interesting listen. After hearing this tape a few times, it has grown on me quite a bit. Checking this out is a good option if you are into black or doom metal of the intergalactic kind.

Genre: Black Metal, Doom Metal
Label: A Terre Records
Location: Minnesota, United States
Release: June 6th, 2012


1. –
2. En Void
3. Syntaxis Ecliptica
4. +

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