Ardour Loom – Demo (Demo)


I ran across the Ardour Loom demo tape while searching online for music to purchase, and heard an excerpt of it on Youtube. When I heard it, I immediately had to have it. Ardour Loom is an atmospheric black metal project featuring members of doom metal band Aldebaran. I am not familiar with that band, but given what I have heard with this tape, they would be something I would need to check out. This demo tape features two songs clocking in at over 40 minutes in length overall. This doesn’t even feel like a demo tape due to the length and overall quality here, as both songs are highly recommendable. This tape features some majestic black metal with atmospheric elements. The release brings to mind the thoughts of our questionable existence while listening; just what are we here for? Dark cosmic journeys through the universe also run through my mind while this music is playing.  The vocals are black metal screeches, which mesh exceedingly well. The music has a doom pacing, black metal styled tremolo guitar, post rock style drumming and lead guitar all interspersed and mixed together in such a precise way.  The song structure does vary and moves from point to point, with emphasis at times on the tremolo passages, to screams, to acoustics to push it forward. This tape is worthy of putting in your collection, and I highly recommend purchasing this release. It deserves a spot on your shelf and in your life.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Parasitic Records
Location: United States
Release: July 15th, 2014


1. Initiates of Formless
2. Ascend The Crimson Confluence


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