Assur – Kőtestbe zárva (Closed in Stone)

Assur is a project of Khrul, from Hungary. Khrul is a man who has many projects, such as Funebre, Avar, Bardo, and Shadowthrone to name a few bands. Assur is a pagan black metal focus, and is ran solo by Khrul. This album is pretty badass. The whole album is in Hungarian language, with monstrous growling as the main vocals. The tracks build up into some pretty heavy, slow paced black metal. It sounds as though most of the tracks have this “marching” style going on, which is pretty epic. The guitars have black metal riffing styles with solos throughout, while the drums are simple with occasional double bass. After listening quite a bit, the best way I could describe the vocal style uses is a monstrous gurgling screams, which are extremely fitting and superbly done. There are synthesizers present that do give the music that epic feel I tend to enjoy as well. The track Nomád élet begins with the marching feel right off the bat, and is pretty damn badass as it builds up into Khrul gurgling about some shit I cannot understand. Its my favorite track on the album by far. I highly recommend checking out this album, and the other single that is released under the Assur name. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Country: Hungary
Label: None – Self Released
Release: 2006


1. Prológus
2. Nomád élet
3. Harcos élet
4. A halál kútja
5. Szellemág
6. Lángvihar


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