Atheria – Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression (Compilation)

A man named Phosphorus has a struck a hit with me under the moniker of Atheria, a heavily dark ambient project with some black metal elements thrown in the mix. Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression is a compilation of Atheria’s two previous EPs, released in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Echo From Another Kingdom comprises the first 6 tracks, which is characterized by some extremely heavy dark ambient work of spatially cryptic and mesmerizing scope, with some sporadic moments of black metal roughness thrown in for atmospheric measure. Bridge to the Castle is a great example of the wonderful ambient passages heard throughout, with some guitar-like strumming going on, and an eerie tube-like sound that creates a spacey vibe. Orama follows, with some heavily distorted guitars leading the way, and then drops again into the eerie soundscape that makes this album so interesting to hear. A Desolate Journey is one of the more intense tracks, which has some heavy tremolo followed by ambient backup. The shrieks and monstrous howls throughout the track give ferocity to the situation, which seems bleak, yet epic in scope. The following tracks from seven onward consist of Spectral Regression, the second EP release under Atheria. This is more of the same, again heavily dark ambient passages with black metal thrown in, although it does seem as though there is much more metal from this point onward. Neverending Hypnos is a good track that describes this, with a rather simple intro, followed by rabid percussion and guitars. The vocals are vile and ferocious as well. Last Chapter – Agony closes this release with some more extremely heavy, fast paced black metal. In my opinion I do enjoy the first half much better than the second, as the ambient passages blend much more fluently with the black metal. However as a whole, this is a very solid release of previous efforts that were both badass as well. I recommend checking this out if you are into space-like atmospheric passages.

Genre: Dark Ambient, Black Metal
Label: Maa Productions
Location: Volos, Greece
Release: November 1st, 2013


1. Hypervorea
2. Bridge To The Castle
3. Orama
4. Wandering Below the Astral Light
5. A Desolate Journey
6. Reaching the Immortal Kingdom of Death
7. Vandring i ljust mörker
8. Neverending Hypnos
9. Spectra Aurora
10. A Slow Blaze
11. Last Chapter – Agony

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