Avar – A csend éve


Wow, this album is amazing. Hungarian black metal drummer Khrul does it once again, with another of his side projects called Avar.  A csend éve is, from what information I have on this project (which is very little and hard to come by), the 4th full length album Khrul has put out under Avar, and it’s title roughly translates to “The Year of Silence”. This project consists of a blend of Avant Garde and Symphonic Metal. All of the lyrics are in Hungarian, and taken from famous Hungarian poets, such as József Attila and Ady Endre. All I can really say is, this is probably the most epic, awe-inspiring album I have ever heard. The tracks mix spoken word, church-like choirs, electronic synthesizers and samples, as well as guitars and drums. This album is truly a masterpiece. Honestly, I know my comments may sound like a broken record at times, but this is truly a work of art. I cannot give this album enough praise for what it does.  This heavily symphonic album is a  great masterpiece, and should not be missed. If I were to get stuck on a desert island with only 5 albums to take with, as Bound2Fate likes to say, there would be no doubt this would be in that stack. Every song, including the 2 interludes, just works. They make you see amazing visions of epic proportions as you close your eyes and listen. Just please, check out this album. I cannot give enough praise for it.

Country: Hungary
Genre: Avant Garde/Symphonic Metal
Label: None/Self Released
Release: 2006


1. A szív meghasonlottjai
2. Jót kívánás
3. Ha az ember meghal
4. Csend, béke, némaság
5. Csak az számít, amit teszek
6. Rád gondolok
7. A csend éve

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