Barrowlands – Demo 2012 (Demo)

Barrowlands is an atmospheric black metal band from Portland, Oregon, consisting of Joe DePaul (Bass), Ray Lorenz (Cello), Martti Hill (Drums), Jacob Williams (Lead Guitars), and David Hollingsworth (Guitar, Vocals). Demo 2012 is this band’s first release, which brings with it a sweeping majestic atmosphere. Mother of storms opens up this release, and begins with an acoustic stride, which builds upon layers of electric guitar, drums, and Hollingsworth’s vocal that resemble John Haughm of Agalloch fame. The song is mid/fast paced, and has a fortress-like atmosphere. It brings the listener to medieval times of yore. Peering Inward does just that, as it meanders along, with a doomy, end of days atmosphere. It then picks up the pace and runs along the same style as the intro track. 1107 is the slowest track of the bunch, which opens with ominous cello and acoustics, and then drops in a simple drum beat and muffled, suffocating guitars. It then picks up and progresses into almost an upbeat song, with a great lead solo as well. The final track, In The Shadow of the Mountain, opens with a shriekish scream and verocious guitars and drums. It is rabid, brutal, and badass.  This demo is a great accomplishment, and really shows that these guys have what it takes to continue on. I can recommend checking them out. You should not be disappointed.

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Den of Dead Trees Recordings
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Release: April 21st, 2012


1. Mother of Storms
2. Peering Inward
3. 1107
4. In the Shadow of the Mountain

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