Before The Dawn – My Darkness

As I sit here and reminisce about all of the music I have grown with over many years, Before The Dawn is definitely a band that comes to mind. I usually think about their newer albums and how the band has developed over the years, but when you go back to their roots and the debut album My Darkness you can still find some worthwhile music.

Tuomas Saukkonen is the mastermind behind Before The Dawn which started as a one man solo project and remained so for the life of the band. This album has a heavy Gothic sound with catchy guitars and lyrics sung by both Saukkonen and Panu Willman. Willman’s singing vocals are a great accompaniment to Saukkonen’s death growls. The song Seraphim is a great example which puts Willman in the spotlight while Saukkonen backs his clean singing style. The rest of the album is a more upbeat Melodic Death/Gothic style metal, which works great. The final track, 4:16 a.m., is a nice exit that is atmospheric and much different than the rest of the album. I would have to say my only complaint would be the lack of variety on the album, as the songs do not tend to stand out much on their own. However, I do recommend checking this album out as it is a good entry point to the band. If you do enjoy what you hear, there is much more down the road and it only gets better from here.

Genre: Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Label: Locomotive Records
Release: February 24th, 2003


My Darkness
Take My Pain
Father and Son
Human Hatred
4:16 a.m.

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