Be’lakor – Of Breath and Bone

Melodic death metal band Belakor from Australia is quite the find. This band plays some pretty solid melodic death metal that is somewhat doomy in atmosphere. Of Breath and Bone is their 3rd full length album, and is extremely good. Every song is memorable, and has excellent catchy riffing with great screaming vocals. Opening track Abeyance starts off with a good build-up of epic proportions, and from there the tracks flow great together. Top tracks on this album are Abeyance, In Parting and Absit Omen. A lot of the songs have nice little interludes that help create a great atmosphere and fun listen. This music is really upbeat and pretty damn exciting in my opinion.  I have been finding quite a few good bands coming out of Australia lately, and these guys are definitely another shining moment for the country. The sound on the album isn’t all that technical, but is great on the ears and, of course, another highly recommended album by me. Check it out, hopefully you won’t be too disappointed.

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Rockstar Records
Release: June 4th, 2012


1. Abeyance
2. Remnants
3. Fraught
4. Absit Omen
5. To Stir the Sea
6. In Parting
7. The Dream and the Waking
8. By Moon and Star

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