Black Sun Aeon – Darkness Walks Beside Me

Black Sun Aeon was formed in 2008 as a side project by Tuomas Saukkonen of Before The Dawn. Black Sun Aeon was (at the time of this release) a doom death metal group that featured Saukkonen and Mikko Heikkilä (of Sinamore fame) doing vocals, Saukkonen with the harsh screams he is known for, and Heikkilä doing his clean, crisp vocals. Of course, being the Before The Dawn fanboy that I was and still am, Black Sun Aeon was a breath of fresh air. Their first release, which was titled Darkness Walks Beside Me, was a very hyped up and eagerly awaited release for me, after hearing the previews of some tracks off of it. I was not disappointed in the slightest. This albums was and still is the mother of all albums, and my favorite Black Sun Aeon release. Released in March of 2009, this album features nine tracks of dark, melancholic metal as well as the grooviness of Saukkonen’s releases in Before the Dawn. Throughout this album, the murkiness is heard through the Heikkilä’s gloomy lyrics as well as the music itself, with many acoustic passages that may contain only his voice with, such as A Song For My Sorrow. A Song for My Wrath bursts with destruction straight out of the gates, and it gets right down to business letting the listener know that this album is cross. This album blends the songs so well together, fusing Saukkonen’s signature guitar playing style and Heikkilä’s somber vocals throughout each song. It flows extremely well and grips the listener as it plows through the songs one by one. Mixing these with excellent production value only exemplifies the mastery at work here. Of course, I will stop my fanboyish rant and get to the point: Buy this album now. Disappointment would be an oddity to occur while listening to this high quality release.

Genre: Melodic Doom Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Label: Cyclone Empire
Location: Lahti, Finland
Release: March 27th, 2009


1. A Song for the Introduction
2. A Song for My Wrath
3. A Song for My Demise
4. A Song for My Sorrow
5. A Song for My Weakness
6. A Song for This Winter
7. A Song for My Illness
8. A Song for My Funeral
9. A Song for the One That Passed Away 4.9.2008

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