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Anathema – Judgement

For many Anathema fans, Judgement was their finest hour; it is indeed one of their classic albums. Judgement continues to refine the depressive rock sound perfected on Anathema’s prior album Alternative 4. Judgement continues in much the same style, but this album has more of a nostalgic homey feeling, particularly with the production and sound. (more…)

Anathema – Distant Satellites

Anathema has gone a tremendously long way in their musical journey, long from the days of their early doom metal, for sure. Distant Satellites feels like a culmination of all they have done since their triumphant return in 2010 with We’re Here Because We’re Here. In many ways, Distant Satellites feels as though it were two albums, or two EPs, put together. The first six songs sound like a continuation of their previous two albums. Much of the songs on this album begin with a repetitive piano or guitar line as the songs build-up with orchestration, almost achieving a cinematic feel. On Distant Satellites, it feels like Anathema is able to do more with less. At times there appears to be less layers (more…)


Anathema – Alternative 4

Anathema has been around for nearly twenty years and has gone through several phases. They began as a doom metal band and now are closer to progressive rock. Alternative 4 is a fan favorite and one of the highlights of their middle period, as they moved away from doom towards more melancholic rock realms. Alternative 4 is an album that put Anathema on the map with a masterpiece of melancholy. (more…)