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Anekdoten – Until All the Ghosts Are Gone

The hidden gem of cult progressive rock has finally climbed out from under their Swedish rock with their first release since 2007. Yes, Anekdoten has returned with their sixth full-length titled Until All the Ghosts Are Gone. Eight years has not dulled their abilities one bit, if anything their skills are even more refined. As such, Until All the Ghosts Are Gone is surely among the year’s top progressive rock releases.


Anekdoten – A Time of Day

anekdoten time of day

Anekdoten began as a King Crimson cover band and much of their sound is akin to that group’s sound during the 1970s. A Time of Day is Anekdoten’s most recent album, even after seven years since its release, as the band takes their time in crafting a new record. A Time of Day is another solid addition to their discography and continues with Anekdoten’s calm, peaceful, mellotron-laden progressive rock. If you enjoyed prior Anekdoten albums, this album should suffice as it bears a similar sound, albeit with perhaps (more…)