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Bölzer – Soma (EP)

Soma is the highly anticipated 2nd EP by Switzerland Black Metal dyad Bölzer. The EP itself is two tracks, with an overall run time of nearly 20 minutes. This 20 minutes is an intense, menacing ride through the mind of these two men, HzR (Drums) and KzR (Vocals, Guitars). Opening track Steppes begins with some fierce screaming, pounding riffs and a steady flow; these guys are back and they mean business. Heavy distortion fills the track, with solid steady drumming and excellent melody. Drumming speeds up and spoken words wander in about halfway through, bringing with it some excellent atmosphere, while also featuring that same badass lead guitar sound KzR conjures up. Steppes (more…)

Bölzer – Aura (EP)

Defined by the band as ” “a powerful force or blow or strike that has no regard for the consequences or the repercussions. And in that sense it’s not directed either, it’s just a chaotic strike of energy…. a force of chaos, and a force of life and death and anything.”, Bölzer is a psychedelic black/death metal two man band from Switzerland. Consisting of HzR (Drums) and KzR (Guitars, Vocals), we have a very interesting release on our hands. Aura is the band’s first EP Release, consisting of three tracks of wild, rambunctious (more…)