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Circle of Ouroborus – Kuninkaan Tieltä [Demo]

I finally have the honor of reviewing the obscure Demo Kuninkaan Tieltä, released by the experimental duo known as Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 50 copies only given to personal friends of Antti Klemi (Vocals, Lyrics) and Rauta (All Instruments), I had to pay over $80 for this tape on Discogs. It was definitely worth my money. While the tape only contains five songs, these five songs are some of the best tracks Circle of Ouroborus have put out. (more…)

Circle of Ouroborus – Unituli

Circle of Ouroborus is an oddity in the periphery of the black metal world. The influence of that genre is evident, yet they are not entirely in it. Circle of Ouroborus has released a plethora of albums in a short span. My reviewer compatriot on this exquisite website introduced me to this band several years ago and my interest was quickly peaked by their odd sound and peculiar vocals. Unituli, one of their several 2010 albums, is the Ouroborus album that I keep finding myself going back to. (more…)


Circle of Ouroborus – Kuuhun Kahlittu

coo kuuhuun

Circle of Ouroborus is back with their first full length album of 2014. Kuuhun Kahlittu, which translates to “Chained To The Moon”, is a vinyl release containing 7 exquisitely produced tracks featuring the harsher sound the band was known for earlier in their career (albeit much better produced). The tracks are solid, with many throwbacks to various points in their catalog, from the clean folk guitar introduction in Ajanlasku, to the distorted screaming heard on Sokeaa Valkoista. Antti Klemi (vocals) is known for his (more…)


Circle of Ouroborus – Rajanveto (EP)

circle ouroborus rajanveto

Rajanveto is another release by the mysterious Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 2013, Rajanveto, which translates into English as “Drawing The Line”, is a dark, yet upbeat release. Antti Klemi continues to provide mysteriously odd, strange vocals that again compliment the music passages quite well.  This is a pure Finnish language release, and the vocals sound as though Klemi is continuously speaking, chanting, or whatever you will call it. The songs have a very dark tone, yet are also upbeat compared to the group’s other releases around the same time period. Atvar, instrumentalist, does an excellent job of making the album very joyful, yet melancholy at the same time. This is a 4 track EP with (more…)


Circle of Ouroborus – Hiljaiset Sanat


Here we are with another Circle of Ouroborus review, this time a full length album from 2010 titled Hiljaiset Sanat, which roughly translates to “The Quiet Words”. This album is released the same year as my favorite album of theirs thus far, Cast to the Pits, and I must say that this album is very much to my liking. It is pretty tough to review these guys’ music, but I will do my best. Here we have a heavily bluesy-folk album, which resembles songs that would be heard at a campfire, during dusk in a forest. (more…)

circle of ouroborus cast to the pits

Circle of Ouroborus – Cast to the Pits

Imagine yourself in a dark and ominous forest, with a campfire flickering and the flames pushing back the advancing fog. In one hand you have a jar of mead, and nearby a small stereo with poor sound quality plays Cast To The Pits by Circle Of Ouroborus. Cast to the Pits is a full length album released in 2010 by the group, consisting of Antti Klemi on vocals and Atvar providing all instrumentals. The group’s sound is very hard to explain overall, with each release changing in style. This album here is a very raw, medieval folk album that seems as if it were recorded on a cassette tape within a dark cave in the early 1600’s. (more…)

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