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ColdWorld – Autumn

Eight years. That is the length of time that has passed awaiting the successor to Melancholie²–the stellar debut of ColdWorld, the atmospheric black metal project of Georg Bӧrner. The inherent danger of such a time lapse is the prospect of being forgotten; however, with Autumn—an album that is more than worth the wait–ColdWorld erases all doubts and reestablishes their place within depressive atmospheric black metal. (more…)

Coldworld – Melancholie²

Coldworld was among my first introductions into the realm of depressive atmospheric black metal and, although, many bands share a similar style, Coldworld has managed to maintain my attention. Coldworld is the brainchild of Georg Börner of Germany, who composes all of the instrumentation and vocals. Melancholie² is currently the only full-length release, but a mighty fine release at that–perfectly apt for nights stuck in a blizzard or those tortuous nights of solitude. (more…)