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Disturbed – Immortalized

Rejuvenated and reinvigorated—Disturbed has returned with a sixth studio album after secretly writing and recording over the past year and a half. After five years of hiatus a suspicious teaser was posted to the band’s webpage displaying their mascot, “The Guy,” breathing on life support. Within days it was revealed the hiatus was over and that a new album entitled Immortalized would soon see the light of day. Immortalized shows Disturbed having not lost a step and with a fresh tone that, (more…)

Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

Disturbed holds a nostalgic place in my heart since their Believe album formed my musical foundation back in my high school days. Their third album, Ten Thousand Fists, also holds a special place. (more…)


Disturbed – The Lost Children

Soon after the touring cycle for Disturbed’s Asylum album in 2010 finished, the band decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. In 2011, Disturbed released The Lost Children, which is a collection of b-sides and other songs not seen on any of their other full-length albums. It does not mean that these songs are inferior to those that made it onto their respective albums—the contrary should actually be argued as many of the songs on The Lost Children are among Disturbed’s best. There is a good distribution among songs from each album’s recording session: two from The Sickness era, one from Believe, four from Ten Thousand Fists, two from Indestructible, four from Asylum, along with a few (more…)


Disturbed – Believe

Disturbed’s sophomore album, Believe, was the first album that I bought back in my high school days. It was they who led me to embark on my continuing musical journey—let the ridicule begin. Believe marked a drastic shift in sound for Disturbed, and to this day, it remains their most mature album. It has very little of the so-called monkey sounds that are unfortunately vocalist’s David Draiman’s claim to fame that were prevalent on their debut album, The Sickness. With Believe, Disturbed leave the realm of that dreaded nu-metal and delve into hard rock bordering on metal. Believe establishes the formula, that Disturbed strays away from very little in future albums, with a predictable song (more…)

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