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Flor de Loto – Madre Tierra


If Jethro Tull was from South America, then the result would be Flor de Loto. Flor de Loto is a progressive rock band from Peru that incorporates Andean flutes. Madre Tierra is the group’s second full-length album and one that is predominantly instrumental. I actually find this to be one of Flor de Loto’s best albums. The albums with more vocals are still good, but I feel they are sometimes quite bland. However, this mostly instrumental album focuses on the strengths of the band and find a balance between contemporary progressive rock and folk music. Madre Tierra opens with the title track, which consists of some smooth progressive rock, Andean flutes, and some vocals. El Charango Perdido takes the folk elements further. This song feels like an Incan dance song before it takes a more serious tone in the latter half with ominous tribal drums. Danza Celta does a great job of playing South American folk instruments to a Celtic melody, while Andaluces does the same, but incorporates Spanish guitar and plays in a Spanish style. Antares is a much rockier track and has some nice guitar solos. Desapareciendo begins slowly, and has the most vocals of any track on the album, before again returning to a more rock sound mixed with guitars and flutes. La Ley de la Vida is another slow track with beautiful Andean flute until the song briefly climaxes with some soaring rock and ascending vocals. Finally, the album closes with Medusa, which ends the album in the same vein as the rest of the album. Flor de Loto has crafted a very good album with Madre Tierra. Fans of progressive rock mixed with folk elements should definitely find this of interest. I tend to find the instrumental aspects of Flor de Loto to be their strongest suit and they have done a great job at combining progressive rock with South American folk music. (more…)

Flor de Loto – Imperio de Cristal

During my effort to find a quality rock or metal band from South America, I stumbled upon Peru’s Flor de Loto—a progressive rock band that incorporates Andean flutes. Flor de Loto is a band that holds a lot of potential and just appears to be on the edge of a breakthrough album. Imperio de Cristal is the group’s fourth full-length record and pushes the band to its limits, yet it is still feels like more of the same. The sound on this album is not much different from their prior albums. This is definitely high quality music; it just feels like it is missing something to make it great. Imperio de Cristal opens with the title track, which represents the sound of the album: modern progressive rock verging on (more…)