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The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns

The end of times has long been a topic of interest for mankind and it is no surprise to see a band with such an ominous name as The Foreshadowing to repeatedly take up such a topic. This is the case for the Italian’s fourth full-length, Seven Heads Ten Horns; this time focused on an envisioned collapse of a unified Europe beset by internal strains and contradictions, and once again an album replete with The Foreshadowing’s brand of medium-paced gothic/doom metal. (more…)

The Foreshadowing – Oionos


Oionos was one of my favorite and most listened to releases of 2010. It is the second album by Italy’s doom/gothic metal band, The Foreshadowing. They play a slow to medium paced doom metal, with gothic touches, and an apocalyptic feel. (more…)

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