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Heretoir – .Existenz (EP)

heretoir existenz

This EP is the first piece of work released by German atmospheric black metal band Heretoir. .Existenz establishes the sound that is expected from an atmospheric black metal band, but I find Heretoir to be among the better ones that play in the depressive black metal style. The overall atmosphere is melancholic, dark, and introspective, while the lyrics are in German. The EP opens with the instrumental Erwachen Im Dunkel, which slowly builds up with pummeling drums, introspective guitar, and a raw atmosphere. (more…)

Heretoir – Heretoir

Heretoir is another atmospheric black metal, post-black metal, blackgaze, etc band that has caught my attention. This German band is lyrically closer to the depressive end of the black metal spectrum. Heretoir plays music in style similar to ColdWorld, which is generally quite atmospheric and full of black metal passages. The style of drumming is also interesting on this album. As expected with black metal, the music production is a bit raw, particularly with regard to the drums. After the atmospheric piano intro of The Escape Part I, Fatigue demonstrates the general style of the album with its relentless muffled drumming, mix of black metal screams/screeches, foggy clean vocals, and (more…)