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Ilbeltz – Auskan Gabiltz Olatun Gainian 1598 (Potrobizargorri I)


Ilbeltz is the project of Ibai Mendinueta, who is also the keyboardist and accordionist for fellow Basque folk black metal band, Aiumeen Basoa. Ilbeltz plays a style of folk black metal, mixed with other metal styles, but, this, their only full-length album, Auskan Gabiltz Olatun Gainian 1598 (Potrobizargorri I), leans very heavily on the folk side. This album tells the story of a Basque pirate named Potrobizargorri. Plenty of Basque folk instruments and melodies can be expected on this release, with its plethora of Basque flutes, violins, and alboka, which is a Basque woodwind instrument, among other instruments. The Basques are a unique people, from northern Spain and southern France in (more…)