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InMune – Universal

Sophomore albums, particularly after stellar debuts, are often the bane of an artist’s discography due in part to the difficulty in meeting newfound high-expectations. In the case of Spanish hard rock/alternative metal band InMune, no such worries are necessary here. The band’s second full-length, Universal, is for the most part the equal of its predecessor Ilumíname. It is another marvelous display of crunchy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and melodic vocals all contained within standard song structures in a powerful, yet straightforward release. (more…)

InMune – Ilumíname

InMune is an alternative metal/hard rock band from Spain consisting of Morti on vocals, Paulo Morete on guitars, David Segado on bass, and Carlos Dogliani on drums. InMune is a refreshing band in Spain’s rock and metal scene, which has plenty of folk and power metal, and a strong “indie” scene. I am not familiar with much of the band member’s previous work with the exception of Morti, who was the vocalist of the very strong hard rock/metal band Skizoo, the grungy Fantástico Hombre Bala, and a solid solo project. While listening to InMune, it is difficult not to make comparisons with Skizoo, since this is the “heaviest” band Morti has been a part of since, but the two bands are (more…)