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Insentient – Remnants (EP)

I am not going to lie. Latin women are God’s gift to the world—or in this case, Satan’s. Had Leslie Medina (vocals/guitars) and Kimberly Orellano (guitars) not been members of this band when I saw Insentient open for Marduk, Moonspell, Inquisition, and The Foreshadowing last year, I would not have taken much notice. Had the band consisted of the usual long-haired, bearded metalheads, I probably would have just dismissed them as a generic metal opener. Instead, it was refreshing to see Leslie Medina with some demonic vocals and Kimberly Orellano shredding on guitar while always smiling. They were cute, however the music was anything, but cute. These ladies do not need their tits (more…)