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Khael – Efimero

Spanish metal band Khael has returned with their second full-length album entitled Efimero. Khael began as a four-piece, but due to the difficulties in making a living with music, the line-up has been reduced to a duo consisting of Aroa Martin on vocals and guitar, while Dani Perez is on drums. I first discovered Khael following Dani Perez’s departure from fellow Spanish hard rock/metal band Skizoo. (more…)

Khael – Khael (EP)

Khael was formed by Dani Perez (drums) and Edu Fernandez (bass) after internal disputes with their former hard rock/metal band Skizoo. The acquired the talents of Aroa Martin for female vocals and Victor Duran on guitar. This self-titled debut EP shows Khael’s gothic-tinged metal. In effect, this EP is a drum clinic for Dani Perez, who is one of my favorite metal drums. Perez has also drummed for Spanish power metal bands Saratoga and Stravaganzza. The EP opens with Volver a Nacer and quickly showcases Perez’s (more…)