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Les Discrets – Ariettes Oubliées…

Les Discrets’ debut album Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées was an outstanding piece of art and now one of my favorite albums of all time. It would surely be a difficult task to even come close to duplicating the quality of that album, but Fursy Teyssier of Les Discrets and crew came very close to accomplishing that feat with Ariettes Oubliées…. Les Discrets sound continues to be difficult to describe, although it tends to lean towards post-black metal with elements of shoegaze, even though the band has no relation to black metal. (more…)

Les Discrets – Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées

Les Discrets’ Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées album was probably my favorite album of 2010—an album I accidentally stumbled upon and thankfully decided to randomly download. This French band is difficult to classify. Post-black metal? Post-rock? Shoegaze? Whatever they are, Fursy Teyssier has composed some amazing music. The music on this album can be described as atmospheric, dark, dreamy, ethereal, enchanting, mysterious—interesting descriptions for an album exploring the essence of death. The dreamy atmosphere permeates throughout each of the tracks that make up this album. Each track is similar in style. However, although the individual tracks may not necessarily stand (more…)