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Mono – The Last Dawn

In this year of 2014, Japan’s post-rock masters Mono have taken the bold step of releasing two albums simultaneously. These consist of The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness—albums that the band has claimed would be stripped down of the orchestral nature of the previous several albums, which was a direction they believe reached its peak on 2011’s For My Parents. The Last Dawn is the first of these two new albums and is considered the lighter. (more…)

Mono – For My Parents

The post-rock genre is a very diluted and oversaturated genre, but Mono is one band grouped in that genre that is worth a listen. Mono has their distinct style, and for comparison think of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s more orchestral elements. This Japanese band plays a very symphonic and cinematic style of instrumental post-rock. For My Parent’s is Mono’s sixth album. Every song feels like you are on some majestic journey across the ocean or soaring through the clouds. (more…)