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Nacho Vegas – Desaparezca Aqui

Over the past several years, Nacho Vegas has become one of my favorite musical artists. His third album–Desaparezca Aqui—is probably one of those five albums I would take to me to a deserted island type of album, although it would be a difficult choice between this album and his Cajas De Música Dificiles De Parar double-album. Regardless of that choice, there is a good chance this album would drive me to drown my sorrows in the oceans surrounding that aforementioned desert island. (more…)

Nacho Vegas – El Género Bobo (EP)

El Género Bobo is among the several quality EPs by Spanish singer-songwriter Nacho Vegas. His EPs are often equally as good as the full-length albums they share recording sessions with. In many ways, they feel like mini-albums. Much of El Género Bobo is standard Nacho Vegas; therefore the high quality and Vegas’ very nasal vocals are expected. This EP opens with Como en los Erizos, which is mostly noise and a description by Vegas on why love was invented—to share pain. Nacho Vegas’ songs tend to have a bit of (more…)


Nacho Vegas – Resituación

Spanish “indie” singer-songwriter, Nacho Vegas, has become one of my favorite artists over the past several years, and my most listened to artist over the past four years. Generally, I would be greatly anticipating a new Nacho Vegas album; however, with his previous album, there had been a shift in direction. The new direction is still a good direction; it just has a different kind of impact compared to Vegas’ earlier work. The first few albums were quite depressing, melancholic, while the songs themselves had varied structures and transitions. Yet, Resituación, and its predecessor, La Zona Sucia, have opted for a simpler and more acoustic sound. Resituación is basically a continuation of (more…)

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