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Opeth – Pale Communion

By now, the Moses-like parting of the Opeth fanbase as a result of their 2011 album, Heritage, should have subsided and the direction of their newest release, Pale Communion, should be of no surprise. However, it seems Pale Communion will be just as divisive as its predecessor. Pale Communion continues in the emulation of 1970s progressive rock, but this album is more cohesive, consistent, and balanced. Heritage may have had a number of moments that would have been better left out, yet the high moments are not as high on Pale Communion, or the low moments as low, for that matter. The album is pretty good, but not as much stands out to make worthwhile to listen repeatedly. To be (more…)

Opeth – Heritage

Heritage is an album that has destroyed families, ended friendships, has possibly led to suicides, etc. Heritage has divided the Opeth fanbase in a way that puts how Moses parted the Red Sea to shame. Those disappointed listeners will view this album as pretentious, boring, meandering, and a significant drop in quality from previous albums. However, if you like pretentious music, then you may enjoy this album. (more…)