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Pain of Salvation – The Perfect Element (Part I)

Pain of Salvation has been fortunate to have created among the finest progressive metal albums in recent decades. Among these albums is their breakthrough The Perfect Element (Part I). This graceful and majestic work is replete with diverse guitar styles, Daniel Gildenlow’s sweeping vocal melodies, and great drumming. The core of the music consists of progressive metal, but it is interwoven with almost-soft-rock ballads and a variety of time signatures and styles. Gildenlow goes all-out vocally across a broad spectrum of styles on every song, perhaps a tad over the top, in a concept album examining the psychological struggles of an individual. The Perfect Element (Part I) jumps (more…)

Pain of Salvation – Be

No two Pain of Salvation albums are alike and Be is no exception. This is their most pretentious and probably most difficult to get into album. Oddly enough, this is the album that made me a fan of theirs. Perhaps, Be is not the best album to introduce oneself to Pain of Salvation, but it definitely is their most grandiose in terms of concept. (more…)