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Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Metal bands that have managed to endure twenty-plus years are rare, yet generally marked by the propensity of change. They may start off as a traditional death or doom metal band to eventually move away from their foundational style, causing a divide in the fan-base and resulting in incessant cries from the “true” cult fans that refuse to acknowledge that band’s later style. Paradise Lost’s first three albums were defined by the raw death/doom metal sound of the early nineties, which was followed by a variant of gothic metal (more…)

Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol

Paradise Lost has been around for twenty years or so and continues with the same tried and true formula. Tragic Idol is Paradise Lost’s thirteenth studio album. It basically continues the doom influenced gothic metal that they have barely strayed away from. I really started listening to this band with the previous album, Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us, and enjoyed their earlier releases as well. (more…)