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Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine

For Riverside’s sixth full-length album, Love, Fear and the Time Machine, vocalist, bass player, and principal songwriter Mariusz Duda attempted to impose upon himself a sense of midlife crisis in order to better craft the “story” he had in mind for this album. As such, Love, Fear and the Time Machine begins with a character that is initially lost, gradually reminiscing over love and fear in both the past and the future, who eventually finds himself by the end. (more…)

Riverside – Anno Domini High Definition

Anno Domini High Definition is an album title consisting of four words corresponding to Riverside’s fourth studio album. If you shorten the album title to its corresponding acronym of ADHD, you get a concept album about the tedious, repetitive life in modern society. Anno Domini High Definition is a much heavier album than prior Riverside albums and has songs that surely intensify their live shows. There is much more of a progressive metal character to this album, but the mellow and hypnotic elements of prior releases still find a place here. Each of the songs go through a number of changes and have quite a bit going on. The album opens with Hyperactive, which begins with some (more…)


Riverside – Second Life Syndrome

Riverside’s sophomore album, Second Life Syndrome, was a very crucial album in my life and it also opened to door into my journey into more underground music back in 2006, which is a year clearly marked as a turning point for my music tastes. This is among my favorite albums of all time and if was given the choice to bring five albums with me to a deserted island, this one is definitely among them. Second Life Syndrome is a significant shift in sound for this Polish progressive rock band. Their debut album, Out of Myself, was a much more mellow, slower, and smooth album. Second Life Syndrome is a bit heavier, with more distorted guitars, and has a darker, hypnotic sound. I also (more…)