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Steve von Till – A Life Unto Itself

An elementary school teacher who happens to be a member one of sludge and post-metal’s juggernauts is indeed a life unto itself. Thus is the title of Neurosis vocalist/guitarist Steve von Till’s fourth solo album. A Life Unto Itself continues with the brooding folk template of its predecessors, yet sounds even more refined than before. Steve von Till (more…)

Steve von Till – A Grave is a Grim Horse

svt grave grim horse

The singer-songwriter is a classic and timeless musical form that simply requires a guitar and a voice. In many ways, it is the foundation of guitar-based music and one that can appeal to anyone. Steve von Till is a member of sludge, post-metal band Neurosis, who has also recorded some solo acoustic albums, as did his bandmate Scott Kelly. A Grave is a Grim Horse is Steve von Till’s most recent solo album and a good one at that. Most of the eleven songs that make up this album are fairly similar. You can expect von Till’s (more…)