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Tralalí Lalá – Tramontana

Tralalí Lalá’s first full-length album was an album I have definitely been looking forward to since I discovered them—actually they discovered me by randomly following me on Twitter. Their self-titled debut EP demonstrated profound potential for this trip-hop trio out of Mexico City and Tramontana places them as the beacon of the future for Mexican underground music, yet a disclaimer of my ignorance of Mexican underground music is required. (more…)

Tralalí Lalá – Tralalí Lalá (EP)

On one of the rare times I decided to check my Twitter account, I noticed this group from Mexico followed me. I decided to check Tralalí Lalá out and it was a good decision. Tralalí Lalá is a trip hop trio from Mexico City, with vocals by Citlalli García, Kleemp on guitars/electronics, and Eric Vazquez on bass/guitars. This self-titled EP is their only release, with a full album on the way, but Tralalí Lalá show a lot of promise. (more…)