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Urfaust – Ritual Music For The True Clochard (Compilation)

Seems like just yesterday I had first heard of Urfaust. I can’t remember exactly how I crossed paths with this band, as it was around the same time I was getting into Circle of Ouroborus, but holy shit is Urfaust amazing. (more…)

Urfaust / King Dude – Urfaust / King Dude (Split)

urfaust king dude

Robert: In 2013, Urfuast released a split with King Dude, simply called Urfaust / King Dude. Urfaust is a great atmospheric black metal band, with a powerful, agonizing vocal style. Their track on the split, called Spiritus Nihilismus, is an extremely dark ambient track that the listener must endure for five minutes. This is not a bad thing, mind you, as the track is pretty cool in its own right. The first roughly 3 minutes, the track slowly builds atmosphere with ominously layered chanting vocals, with very light guitar, drums, (more…)