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Imbaru – El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles

I am not one for conspiracies, but were I a betting man, I would not be surprised were I to find that Chile’s Imbaru consisted of one former member of Uaral. For background, Uaral was a Chilean doom/neo-folk duo that has essentially disappeared after their second and last release in 2007, Lamentos a Poema Muerto. Although I have no concrete evidence to corroborate my hypothesis, I find it safe to say that with the remarkably similar aesthetics, guitar style, and a swarm of posts on a Uaral fan-page that Imbaru is in fact that band’s spiritual successor. Whatever the truth may be, Imbaru is indeed a band that warrants attention in the neo-folk scene and a look into their fifth full-length, El Inherente Sentir en los Árboles. (more…)

Circle of Ouroborus – Kuninkaan Tieltä [Demo]

I finally have the honor of reviewing the obscure Demo Kuninkaan Tieltä, released by the experimental duo known as Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 50 copies only given to personal friends of Antti Klemi (Vocals, Lyrics) and Rauta (All Instruments), I had to pay over $80 for this tape on Discogs. It was definitely worth my money. While the tape only contains five songs, these five songs are some of the best tracks Circle of Ouroborus have put out. (more…)


J. Tillman – Year in the Kingdom

Sometimes all good music needs is an acoustic guitar and a decent voice to be incredibly effective. That is very much the case with J. Tillman and his prior solo albums before his reincarnation as Father John Misty. Before and during Tillman’s brief time as Fleet Foxes’ drummer, Tillman crafted a number of solo acoustic albums that seeped with melancholy and earthy tones. (more…)


Fields of Mildew – I

Fields of Mildew out of Germany is a somber and dark acoustic release under Fallow Field and an excellent one at that. With pretty much no information on this release, I write this blindly. This self-titled release is a damp and dark stroll through six songs with a heavy aura of gloominess. (more…)


Masks of Canaan – Masks of Canaan

I ran across this cassette doing my usual rounds online, looking for some mesmerizing tunes. Boy did I hit the jackpot here. Masks of Canaan is a solo project by Jason Wood (or JW as he goes by), who is notable in various black metal projects. I had never heard of him nor Masks of Canaan before, so I did not know what to expect.  After hearing the first track, I knew I had found something really special. (more…)


Green Carnation – The Acoustic Verses

Norway’s Green Carnation has taken on a number of forms over the years going from death metal to doom and gothic metal. Their last release, pending any new plans following their reunification in 2014, was The Acoustic Verses in 2006, which as the title suggests was an acoustic record. The Acoustic Verses is a solid collection of songs consisting of acoustic guitar, orchestration, and the soothing vocals of Tchort. (more…)


Neun Welten – Vergessene Pfade

There are number of bands in recent years that have managed to bring a sense of nature to their music. Among them is the German neo-folk Neun Welten and their debut album Vergessene Pfade—an album full of acoustic guitar, violin, drums, cello and flutes. If you want some forest music, then let this album take you the trees of your mind. Vergessene Pfade opens with Valg, which is quite representative of the entire album. It begins as a peaceful piece suitable for the forest with its acoustic guitar, drums, and violin before the song takes a more serious tone in the second half. The violin is an integral part of Nebekkand, which guides the song as flute and drums accompany it. The (more…)


Vàli – Forlatt

Few debut acoustic albums are as successful as Vàli with Forlatt to take a listener on a nostalgic journey to times past or conveying a place epitomizing the tranquility of nature. Forlatt is thirty-five minutes of enchanting acoustic guitars, cellos, violins, and flutes that put you right in the middle of a forest. This album has a sound more suitable to times hundreds of years ago–not the second millennium of the Common Era. Forlatt gracefully opens with Naar Vinden Graater, which establishes the lush sound of Vàli with its emphasis on beautiful acoustic guitar joined with cello, violin, and piano. There are no vocals on this album, which are absolutely unnecessary and would detract from the (more…)


Carlos Ann – El Tigre Del Congrés

Carlos Ann is another eccentric poet/musician from Barcelona, Spain with no two albums being very similar. El Tigre Del Congrés is a unique, stripped down, entirely acoustic album that distinguishes from his more electronic-oriented rock albums. El Tigre Del Congrés consists of slow, acoustic, Spanish/Mexican-style guitar with hints of flamenco and tango. The mood of the album makes me feel like I’m in Mexico during the 1800s in a small old-Western style town. Juan Carlos Allende helped out with some very nice (more…)


Circle of Ouroborus – Rajanveto (EP)

circle ouroborus rajanveto

Rajanveto is another release by the mysterious Circle of Ouroborus. Released in 2013, Rajanveto, which translates into English as “Drawing The Line”, is a dark, yet upbeat release. Antti Klemi continues to provide mysteriously odd, strange vocals that again compliment the music passages quite well.  This is a pure Finnish language release, and the vocals sound as though Klemi is continuously speaking, chanting, or whatever you will call it. The songs have a very dark tone, yet are also upbeat compared to the group’s other releases around the same time period. Atvar, instrumentalist, does an excellent job of making the album very joyful, yet melancholy at the same time. This is a 4 track EP with (more…)