Category: Ambient

Portopia 81 – Cosmic City Serenade

Hiroshi Mizuno’s Portopia ’81 quickly rose as one of my favorite synth electronic artists. After focusing on Mizuno’s later works, I decided to step back through his discography and take a look at his earliest release under the Portopia name.


Wysyl – Imago Spectre

Tranquility is the theme of Imago Spectre by the United Kingdom’s Wysyl (also known as Liam Ward). Imago Spectre is a wonderfully peaceful and worry free release crafted by Ward for the 2014 Sensoria Literature & Arts Festival in Sheffield.  (more…)


Mathias Grassow – Opus Posthumum

Only becoming familiar with Mathias Grassow’s work through his collaboration with Agalloch’s John Haughm, I felt it necessary to explore his solo work. The majority of his ambient drone releases clock in at a staggering three to 5 hours in length of consistently high quality. (more…)


25,000 Kittens – 25,000 Kittens

Released under label Ginjoha in 2014, 25,000 Kittens is another cassette by artist Hiroshi Mizuno who I am a big fan of from his Portopia ’81 albums. 25,000 Kittens is a one-off consisting of two ten minute tracks filled with celestial ambient beauty. (more…)


Mathias Grassow & John Haughm – Mosaic

Cosmic serenity permeates throughout this collaboration between German ambient artist Mathias Grassow and atmospheric black metal’s Agalloch vocalist John Haughm. Mosaic, the title of this release, consists of three ambient pieces that are adequately represented by the artwork, with a spanning desert sea and a dark, introspective sky. (more…)


Penguinum – Balancing

Music is everywhere. Technology has advanced so much in these last twenty years that instead of having to dig deep for music, it can just fall into your lap. However, to find something good one must still search it out, and with the ease of publishing online these days, you have to wade through more and more shit than ever before to find the good stuff. Luckily, I stumbled over Penguinum today. (more…)


Portopia ’81 – Jet Stream

Hypnotic dreamlike synthscape. Thus is the best way to describe Portopia ’81’s newest release Jet Stream. When I picked up Stardust Memory last year, I began to listen to new age synthesizer music more than ever before. Stardust Memory was my gateway into this type of music, so it brings me great joy to see Hiroshi Mizuno’s next release so soon. Jet Stream is a tape released on Constellation Tatsu, a label known for releasing experimental and ambient electronic music. (more…)


Silentwave – Lotus Flower

Yoshinori Noguchi is a Japanese ambient artist who goes under the name Silentwave for which he has released a plethora of material on Bandcamp. I follow the label Ginjoha, and when they released a new set of tapes a few months ago, I took a chance with my purchase of Lotus Flower. After some playthroughs, I can safely justify my purchase as being a good thing. (more…)


Tim Coster – Waterfront Cities


Tim Coster is a musician from Australia who mainly deals with ambient soundscapes created by synthesizers. I stumbled across Waterfront Cities while searching through Bandcamp, and was pretty impressed by what I had heard. (more…)


Pulse Emitter – Alien Vacation

Well, its 2015 and its about time I got up off my ass (or rather sit down on it) and write a new recommendation. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pulse Emitter is an interesting synth project by Daryl Groetsch. Perusing Bandcamp, I stumbled upon this wondrous album Alien Vacation, and was entranced almost immediately. Released in Summer of 2014, this short five track album is an interesting piece of work. (more…)