Category: Atmospheric Rock

Ascension of the Watchers – Numinosum

While Fear Factory is not a band I like to listen to, Burton C. Bell and John Bechdel of (at the time) Fear Factory had a side project going called Ascension of the Watchers. I first listened to this CD years ago and was mesmerized by some of the tracks. After all of this time, does the album still hold up well? (more…)

Sleeping Pulse – Under the Same Sky

Personally, I was not expecting much from Sleeping Pulse, which consists of Antimatter’s Mick Moss in collaboration with Painted Black’s Luís Fazendeiro of Portugal. The generic sound of the project name did not help either. Antimatter’s previous album Fear of a Unique Identity felt quite lackluster and the lyrical topics cliché. However, as is many times the case, Sleeping Pulse’s debut album Under the Same Sky was a surprise. (more…)


The Gathering – Home

The Gathering’s Home album was their eighth album and the last to feature the renowned Anneke van Giersbergen on vocals. Home is a bit stripped down compared to other albums by The Gathering, but it is full of atmosphere and some trip hop style sounds. There are not as many layers of music and the amount of instrumentation is kept minimal. Home opens with Shortest Day, which is probably the poppiest track on the album. Much of the album is more atmospheric and has minimal instrumentation accompanied by (more…)