Category: Dark Ambient

Vril Jӓger – Vril Jӓger

Among the more outlandish conspiracy theories out there is the Hollow Earth theory and how the governments of the world are hiding the existence of an advanced civilization that dwells deep within the Earth. Such a thing seems far-fetched, but it is quite popular among UFO fanatics. Of the Wand & the Moon’s Kim Larsen and Die Weisse Rose’s Thomas Bøjden have formed a project, called Vril Jӓger, which explores this very topic. As expected, it is just as supernatural and disquieting as the subject matter implies. (more…)

Yele Solma – Bokor

A few years ago I had ordered an album by Basque folk black metal band Ilbeltz off the French Antiiq Records label. Included was a pamphlet that featured more of their releases. Among them was an act called Yele Solma, which purported to play a form of voodoo-inspired African dark ambient. That description alone warranted a listen from me; however, unfortunately I forgot to follow up on the project until remembering them recently and discovering that their only album, Bokor, was now on Bandcamp. It became immediately apparent that it was a mistake on my part to not have sought this release out sooner. (more…)


Mathias Grassow & John Haughm – Mosaic

Cosmic serenity permeates throughout this collaboration between German ambient artist Mathias Grassow and atmospheric black metal’s Agalloch vocalist John Haughm. Mosaic, the title of this release, consists of three ambient pieces that are adequately represented by the artwork, with a spanning desert sea and a dark, introspective sky. (more…)


Ulver – Shadows of the Sun

Transcendent; ethereal; holy; sanctified; eternal; timeless: these are only several words that can barely begin to describe one of the career-defining albums of Norway’s Ulver. Beginning as a black metal band in the early 1990s, the passage of time has begotten Ulver’s evolution into something that transcends definition, which is very much the case with their seventh studio album, Shadows of the Sun.



Jääportit – Voimasuo


Jääportit is a one-man ambient electronic project by Finland’s Tuomas M. Mäkelä. His most recent album Voimasuo takes you into icy crystalline worlds with synthesizers, violins, and other instruments. There is a bit of a psychedelic feel to the music, much like what one would expect if Pink Floyd set out to make icy electronic music—Ice Floyd, perhaps? Voimasuo opens with the ambiance of Tuulten Tuoja, which sets up the frozen atmosphere of the album before psychedelic electronic rhythms, accompanied by violins and drums pick up the tempo slightly. Suon Sulaessa has that subtle funky Pink Floyd-ish guitar and bass lines hiding under the layers of dark synthesizers. (more…)


Atheria – Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression (Compilation)

A man named Phosphorus has a struck a hit with me under the moniker of Atheria, a heavily dark ambient project with some black metal elements thrown in the mix. Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression is a compilation of Atheria’s two previous EPs, released in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Echo From Another Kingdom comprises the first 6 tracks, which (more…)