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Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep of Reason

People listen to and interpret music in a variety of ways. Some are lyrically or vocally based; others are influenced by atmosphere and mood, while others analyze its composition and structure, etc. One band that very much appeals to those that break down song structure and time signatures is Swedish metal titan Meshuggah. This band has long been at the forefront of technical death metal and the djent subgenre that they have inspired with their relentless auditory assault full of odd-time signatures and machine-like rhythms that has spanned two decades. This is continued and reinforced with their sixth full-length, The Violent Sleep of Reason. (more…)

Gojira – Magma

Genuine artists often strive for constant change and experimentation. Sometimes these experimentations succeed, while oftentimes they do not. Magma, the sixth full-length from French progressive death metallers, Gojira, is one of these attempts in style-shift. During their over-sixteen-year tenure, Gojira has risen to be among the stalwarts of progressive death metal with a relentless auditory assault that has pushed the boundaries of metal. However, with Magma, we see Gojira, led by vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier and drummer Mario Duplantier, seek to simplify their music and attempt to confine it within a shorter, more accessible package. (more…)


Bölzer – Soma (EP)

Soma is the highly anticipated 2nd EP by Switzerland Black Metal dyad Bölzer. The EP itself is two tracks, with an overall run time of nearly 20 minutes. This 20 minutes is an intense, menacing ride through the mind of these two men, HzR (Drums) and KzR (Vocals, Guitars). Opening track Steppes begins with some fierce screaming, pounding riffs and a steady flow; these guys are back and they mean business. Heavy distortion fills the track, with solid steady drumming and excellent melody. Drumming speeds up and spoken words wander in about halfway through, bringing with it some excellent atmosphere, while also featuring that same badass lead guitar sound KzR conjures up. Steppes (more…)


Insentient – Remnants (EP)

I am not going to lie. Latin women are God’s gift to the world—or in this case, Satan’s. Had Leslie Medina (vocals/guitars) and Kimberly Orellano (guitars) not been members of this band when I saw Insentient open for Marduk, Moonspell, Inquisition, and The Foreshadowing last year, I would not have taken much notice. Had the band consisted of the usual long-haired, bearded metalheads, I probably would have just dismissed them as a generic metal opener. Instead, it was refreshing to see Leslie Medina with some demonic vocals and Kimberly Orellano shredding on guitar while always smiling. They were cute, however the music was anything, but cute. These ladies do not need their tits (more…)


Stovokor – Metal of Honor (Demo)


Klingon death metal! That is the only reason to bother listening to Stovokor. The Klingons are a warrior-alien-species from the Star Trek universe. Star Trek is awesome—I am speaking everything prior to the reboot, which I have yet to see—and if you do not like it, then fuck you! Star Trek is awesome and embodies many ideals our human species should strive for. Stovokor have only released a demo called Metal of Honor—apt for an alien species that emphasizes honor. Death metal seems a suitable genre for Klingons, although oddly in the lore of the series, they tend to enjoy opera and poetry when not in battle. Stovokor plays old-school death metal with some elements of thrash metal. (more…)


Septicflesh – Titan


Titan is symphonic metal band Septicflesh’s ninth full-length album that continues with the brutal symphonic death metal assault of its predecessors. It is more of the same epic-ness from Septicflesh and shares the same pros and cons as before. War in Heaven opens the album with an epic metal track with plenty of orchestration augmenting the grandiose feel of the album. (more…)


Bölzer – Aura (EP)

Defined by the band as ” “a powerful force or blow or strike that has no regard for the consequences or the repercussions. And in that sense it’s not directed either, it’s just a chaotic strike of energy…. a force of chaos, and a force of life and death and anything.”, Bölzer is a psychedelic black/death metal two man band from Switzerland. Consisting of HzR (Drums) and KzR (Guitars, Vocals), we have a very interesting release on our hands. Aura is the band’s first EP Release, consisting of three tracks of wild, rambunctious (more…)


Matron – Demonic Sanitorium (EP)

Cover Front

A death metal band from the United Kingdom, Matron’s 2nd EP, Demonic Sanitorium is a mixed bag. Half of the thing is lacking, while the other half is slightly above average to good. Here we have a unique group of guys who go by interesting stage names, such as Bloodlord, Shredator, Bog, Hell, and Bonegrinder. Also, add to this that they dress in scrubs covered in blood during their live shows.



Nembience – Through Times of Despair

Don’t you love it when a good band comes makes a great debut album, only to split up after that? Such is the case for the band Nembience from Denmark. Their one and only full length, Through Times of Despair, was released in 2010, only to have the band split up a couple of years later. This album has aggression, speed, solos, and everything else you would want out of this style of music. (more…)


Septicflesh – Communion

I definitely do not consider myself a metalhead, but this is one of the most brutal metals albums I listen to from time to time. Greece’s Septicflesh plays a very epic, brutal form of symphonic death metal. Their Communion album is focused around Hellenic, Egyptian, and Sumerian mythology and much of the music makes you feel like you are part of Alexander the Great’s army conquering Persia. The music is appropriate for the movie 300 which is based on events just fifty years or so before Alexander the Great’s conquest (more…)

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